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Locked Out of Your Antivirus Account? Call McAfee Support to
about 2 years ago

Lost password is an issue that probably everyone has faced. This happens very often, especially with those apps that don’t require typing in the login credentials on a regular basis. One such application is the McAfee antivirus. It will keep you secure in the background, without a need to type in your password every day. But, you will need your password when you want to change certain settings or renew your subscription.


So, what happens if you can’t remember the password? There is an easy way to retrieve a lost account. All you got to do is open the official website of the antivirus. At the bottom of the support page, you will see the SUPPORT section.


Choose ‘Get Support’ and a new page will open, on which you will be able to choose to chat with the McAfee Support. They might ask you certain questions in order to ensure that the account belongs to you. When done, you will again be able to access your account.


What to Do Ensure You Never Lose Your Account?


In order to prevent a similar problem from happening, you need to make sure to choose a proper password. The password needs to be strong, yet easy to remember. An important thing to remember is that McAfee is all about safety. What this means is that even if your password is rather predictable, the hackers won’t be able to access your account unless they’re using the same IP.


Still, it’s always recommended to choose a strong password. A good method for choosing such a password is to use a system. For example, you can use numbers instead of letters and vice versa. Simply replace the numbers with the corresponding letters in the alphabet and the other way of around. For more methods of McAfee Support Team, whenever you feel free to ask McAfee Customer Support Australia Number +61-283206056 for advice!


Once you come up with a strong password that you will remember forever, it’s time to set it up. In order to change the password, you don’t need to call the McAfee support number +61-283206056 you can do this on your own!


Simply go to your account and open the My Profile page. Then, look for the option saying Update. You will then be asked to enter the new password. When done, simply exit the program and the new settings will take place.


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