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Installation of McAfee Security Suite Stopped the Internet
almost 2 years ago

Have you installed McAfee Security Suite for your system’s security? Now after the installation of this software you suddenly realize that you cannot access your Internet? Well, the problem is serious as how will you proceed in work without the internet.

This blog solves your problem with the easiest process. The issue can be resolved when you get to know the cause of the problem. McAfee support would like to inform the user that McAfee firewall component might have blocked the access of internet. Go under the following process to get back to working Internet.

Access Application:

  1. From your system in your taskbar, double-tap the M shield.
  2. Go to Web and Email Protection and then click the link of Firewall.
  3. Here confirm that the Firewall is On in Firewall options window.
  4. Now open the drawer of Program Permissions by clicking the option.
  5. Go through the list by scrolling down and read the rules like block rules created by you (if made).
  6. Here give the access to any programs that need the connection of network.

Restoring of Firewall defaults:

  1. Give a click to ‘Restore Defaults’.Important: All the custom setting will be erased by attempting this step. To allow deny or re-add (custom ports) applications you may be prompted.
  2. The Security center may ask you for permissions of network or application after click restore defaults, so carefully confirm your network and be sure about the selection of Home button.

If multiple network adapters are enabled or another firewall is installed on your system the above procedure may not work for you. The configuration of the network might not be possible, to get rid of the issue Contact from McAfee Technical Support. The team will guide you with the best solutions which are suggested by the highly experienced technicians. So do not wait and get back to your access of internet with the experts’ advice.

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