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How to Update McAfee Antivirus for Windows 8?
almost 2 years ago

McAfee Antivirus easily supports windows 8. Basically, this antivirus helps you to prevent from malware, spyware, adware, viruses or any online threat while working on different sites. If you work from home then free installing an antivirus for free will be a great option for you. Whereas, for business purpose paid version of this software will give you extra security and advanced features.


McAfee is famous for its great function as it does not slow down our computer. You can easily scan your computer for virus while working on your system. It also scans for the email attachments and provides you the best security from any threat. It also safeguards your identity as it uses higher levels of security. You must update your software to have benefits of its latest features. Follow these simple steps to update McAfee.

  1. Turn on your computer and make sure that your internet is working
  2. Type Control Panel in the search box by clicking on the bottom right corner of your main screen of the computer.
  3. Go to Windows System and Security Center, here you can check the status of your Antivirus Software.
  4. Select the option of Update now to renew your software. You can also opt for this below mention method:
  • Open you McAfee Software icon which is visible on your desktop
  • Go to options on the right-hand side.
  • Click on Update to renew your software.

All updates will be downloaded automatically by McAfee.

If you still find any complication to update the software then you Contact From McAfee Antivirus Technical Support Number +61-283206056 to find the solution to your issue. They will help you in any way, feel free to contact them. They are available for you anytime. The guidance provided by them will help you a lot and will also save your precious time.

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