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How to Get Refund from McAfee Software
over 2 years ago

Although McAfee antivirus is considered among the best antivirus software, but still if you are not happy with this antivirus services, you can ask for a refund from the company. If you have uninstalled the software and want refund for the fee you paid to the company, you need to Contact McAfee Support. Like some of the other companies, McAfee has a refund policy but you have to request for it within the 30 days of the purchasing of the software.

In this article, few instructions are given so that you can ask for the refund from the company if you are not happy with their services.

  1. First, call the customer support number. Now, the McAfee automated system starts providing you with the options. Select the option saying ‘Refund’. After selecting the ‘Refund’ option you will be able to talk to their customer care executives.
  2. Now, speak to customer care and ask for the refund from him for the McAfee package you uninstalled from your computer. He will ask you for the email address you entered while installing or purchasing the software. He may ask you the order number of the package. This number comes with the original paperwork or invoice that came with the package.
  3. Note down the name of the representative of the customer care you are talking with. Along with that write down the confirmation number and the time of arrival of the refund check from the software. Keep this information with you as you might require this afterwards.

Note: If due to any reason you did not get the refund from the Company, then again call the McAfee customer support and provide them the information you noted down when you contact the customer support for first time.

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