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Activating McAfee Antivirus Software
about 2 years ago

With different versions of its products, McAfee has been offering protection and security since it hit the market first. For protecting home, business and school computers, McAfee Internet Security Suite and other programs were also introduced.

Like every antivirus software, it also requires product activation for all the online purchased products or from an in-store purchase. This activation feature helps in minimizing the negative impact of the antivirus software piracy as well as ensures the user that their product is actually registered with the organization. It also helps the company to update and offer news of computer malware threats that can thwarts the security. And activating the antivirus is not that difficult. Just need to focus on steps explained.

Follow the steps described below for activating the software on your device:

1.  After accessing the web browser, open McAfee site.

2.  Select My Account and enter your email address and password that has been registered and used while purchasing the antivirus product. You are required to create a new account and have to log in for making a purchase in case if you have not made any yet.

3.  From the list of authorized purchase pick the product to download to your computer system. And there is an option of purchase as well on this window.

4.  After finishing the download from the homepage, run the antivirus installation program.

5.  While purchasing the McAfee product you were provided with the activation code. Press ‘Activate’ button and then you will be asked by the McAfee Installer to enter that code. Antivirus Software will be activated on your system.

This activation code prevents the illegal distribution of the antivirus software. After activating, the user can easily download the updates and also reinstall their product from the site. This key, as I said above can be found with the product while making a purchase.

McAfee Support Australia is here to help you in case if you are unable to look for activation key. Our team of experts will help you in locating it. Just drop a call at McAfee Antivirus Support Number +61-283206056. You can also connect with the team via live chat or email where they are available for 24/7.

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